Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ed Beard, Jr.

Fantasy Artist Ed Beard, Jr. has been creating dragons, monsters, and just about every image of a creature you could imagine for over 25 years.

Ed Beard Jr. starting at the young age of 12, he was commissioned for political and religious portraits. He was specifically requested to create a piece to present to the Pope at the Vatican and to this day, an original drawing is in the Papal Gardens of Ed Beard's.

But, as many of Ed Beard Jr.'s fans and collectors can tell you, his true passion was fantasy. He has worked for so many companies including Tolkien and Magic the Gathering card game but his true test of time is the countless licenses of his images. From coffee mugs to Mountain t-shirts, bookmarks to complete bedding ensembles, you can find Mr. Beard's work on almost anything.

He has created these drawing instructional videos for the art student or the enthusiast.