Monday, September 2, 2013

Sebastiao Domingos

Sebastiao Domingos, I'm an Angolan, resident in the republic of South Africa where I do all my work of arts crafts. My Grandfather taught me about wood carving when I was 10 years old in our home land, in Mbaza Comgo province in north of Angola the village called Quinxiquixilo.The wood used for the carving is called Nsayia, satisfied for framing purpose.

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Saturday, May 8, 2010

Miles Baker - Clown Artist

Miles Baker is a self taught artist based in Exmouth Devon England whose sole subject is the Circus Clown. His talent enables him to somehow capture their true pathos perfectly.

He  travels the country, including the Channel Isles, participating in numerous Craft Shows, County Shows and Art Demonstrations.

His work is available for purchase as signed Gicleee' Prints on high quality watercolour paper and can be ordered through this website.

has exhibited in the United States & Europe and among his more famous customers are Millicent Martin & Ron Moody. He has appeared on BBC Radio and his 'ambition' is to be a guest on Desert Island Discs!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

Ed Beard, Jr.

Fantasy Artist Ed Beard, Jr. has been creating dragons, monsters, and just about every image of a creature you could imagine for over 25 years.

Ed Beard Jr. starting at the young age of 12, he was commissioned for political and religious portraits. He was specifically requested to create a piece to present to the Pope at the Vatican and to this day, an original drawing is in the Papal Gardens of Ed Beard's.

But, as many of Ed Beard Jr.'s fans and collectors can tell you, his true passion was fantasy. He has worked for so many companies including Tolkien and Magic the Gathering card game but his true test of time is the countless licenses of his images. From coffee mugs to Mountain t-shirts, bookmarks to complete bedding ensembles, you can find Mr. Beard's work on almost anything.

He has created these drawing instructional videos for the art student or the enthusiast. 

Thursday, January 14, 2010

William Bullerwell - Musician and Wildlife Artist

William Bullerwell - is originally from Yarmouth NS, where he has painted and played drums for over 20 years. A diverse artist in both subject and media, he is most comfortable in acrylics. Now living in Halifax, N.S., Bill is best known of his passionate portrayals of wildlife, and the richness of the natural environment.

Self-taught as an artist, his paintings are a sensitive and accurate representation of the many moods of wilderness and wildlife within it….

 Known for his technical drumming skills, Bill has been involved with music and the industry for most of his life. He has played in bands with every kind of style… Country, rock, funk, blues, and jazz bands. 

He has recorded on numerous albums and singles,including the hit single "The Weight Is Over"  VOTED #1 on the East Coast Music Countdown.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Custom Art Print for Artists by Artists

Who We Are

We are a mother and daughter business that grew out of our personal need to market our artwork and prints.
Dotty Reiman is an award winning watercolor artist, and Tamara Kapan has received awards and recognition for her acrylic paintings.
For the past several years we have successfully marketed our artwork and prints through our business at and art shows and craft fairs.
We are artists who do exactly what you want to do. We sell originals and high quality prints.
Do you already do this? Great! We can help you do it better and lower your cost of goods.

We take your original and turn into a print!
We offer friendly exceptional service and create high quality archival art reproductions at competitive prices to artists looking to transform their original art into competitively priced gicles.

Call Us Today!

Maverick Printing
315 S. Coast Hwy. 101
Suite U86
Encinitas, CA 92024

Phone: 760 918-1611

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Jean Filip

Jean Filip - Born in the 1962, lives and works in the provinces of Milano, Italy. He approached painting after attending for six years at an art studio, learning the basis and techniques of impressionist painting. In 1989 he passed from figurative painting to abstract.

The artistic research is fundamental in any of his works, where the same shapes get a proper vitality and the composition became an elaborate subject created from the relation between shape and colour, orchestrated according to fluid and harmonic rhythms. In these tones are the exhibitions which took place in the lasts years, characterized by a lyric inspiration, the feeling of nonplussed astonishment in front of the restless disentangle of human events.

You can view his work at; and at;

Monday, November 24, 2008

Ciro D'Alessio

Ciro D'Alessio - He was born in Naples (Italy), studied in workshops of classical Neapolitan artists. His favorite medium is oil, the subject of his painting range from landscape, seascape, people and the world around him. Ciro's art has been exhibited in Naples, his works are shown in various galleries in Naples.

You can view his work at

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Mike Callahan

Mike Callahan lives near Reno, Nevada with his wife, Roben and their three children. He paints subjects ranging from Sierra Landscapes, Wildlife and Western themes to Portraits and Daily Paintings. Mike currently holds a day job as Senior Graphic Artist for the world's largest manufacturer of slot machines. He is also the Graphics Department trainer responsible for the training and progression of some thirty plus artists as well as the innovation, development and implementation of new production techniques utilizing Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. Mike has been in the graphics industry for over twenty years but recently has begun a return to his first love - oil painting.
You can view his work at